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Modern Kitchen Island Trends For 2018 And Beyond

January 15th, 2018 5:29pm

If you feel like your kitchen looks out-of-date, incorporating a modern kitchen island is a key step in your remodeling process. Not only does a new island create an opportunity to incorporate your personal style and new trends into your kitchen design, but it can also add storage, counter space, and seating. Here at Kitchens by Good Guys, we stay on top of the latest trends to help you create your dream kitchen.

Here are some of the most promising trends for modern kitchen island designs for 2018 -- and beyond:


Quartz is Queen

Designers initially introduced quartz to homeowners as an alternative to granite, the king of countertop materials. While granite remains popular, quartz has taken the number-one surface spot for several years running, and it's particularly popular for modern kitchen island designs. Not only does a quartz island countertop look sleek and modern, but it is also strong and durable, so long as it is sealed correctly. A responsible kitchen contracting team will ensure your quartz countertops are not just beautiful but also functional -- now and in the future.


Textured Finishes Are On The Rise

Polished counters are a popular option for kitchen islands due to their sleek, streamlined look. However, depending on how you use your kitchen, they may not be the most functional option. If you cook, entertain, and eat at your island frequently, a honed finish is a great option. This matte finish offers little to no shine but still looks sleek and sharp. Another alternative to the polished counter is a leathered finish. Both honed and leather island counters will hide wear and tear more effectively than a polished finish.


Patterns Add Character

If you want an eye-catching modern kitchen island, choosing a patterned countertop surface creates an impressive cutting-edge aesthetic. While marble has had a long reign as the number-one patterned countertop option, today's technology allows for a wide range of patterned countertop options. For example, quarts can be treated to add patterns and veins that replicate a granite or marble effect that adds depth and personality.


Neutral Tones Are Trending

In years past, brightly-colored kitchen islands were all the rage, with red, purple, and green accents drawing visitors' attention and asserting defined personal style. However, this year's forecast shows softer, more neutral kitchen island trends that have a more timeless effect. Instead of a bright blue or red, consider softer shades of gray, white, cream, and beige for your modern kitchen island. If you still feel the need for a pop of color, consider incorporating it into items you can easily change later, such as small appliances, drapes and blinds, and decorative accents like flowers.


Want a modern kitchen island that stays on trend but will look timeless and function beautifully years from now? Collaborating with a full-service remodeling service that offers in-house designers is the perfect way to make design choices that are practical and pretty. For more information on kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area, contact Kitchens By Good Guys.


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