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Need New Kitchen Cabinets? Consider These Color Ideas

January 11th, 2016 5:15pm

If you're thinking about upgrading your kitchen by adding new kitchen cabinets, you might want to be aware of what materials, styles, and colors are popular for 2018 and beyond. Because color trends in 2018 primarily prefer neutral colors for walls, it only makes sense that variations of these color trends will also be used in kitchen cabinets.

Two-Tone Colors

Two-tone kitchen cabinets can help amp up the appeal of your kitchen. The light/dark two tone contrast is little more forgiving and allows you some flexibility. Some ideas for two-tone cabinets are:

Dark wood with white glossy acrylic
Gray painted with white painted
Dark green with cream painted
Navy blue painted with natural wood

You may also consider painting the cabinet drawers and panels one color and the frames another color.

Shades Of Gray

Gray has been a popular color in kitchens for years and is not about to go out of style anytime soon. The great thing about the color gray is that there are many variations available ranging from light heather gray to slate gray and every hue in between. Not only is gray popular because - like black - it goes with everything, it's also modern and clean looking. Add granite countertops or silver hardware to your kitchen cabinets and you will find that it offers balance and warmth.

Greige Tones

Greige may sound like some type of word mixup. That's because it is! Gray + Beige = Greige! Greige is a safe and neutral color scheme to use for kitchens and cabinets alike. It borders between casual and formal and offers a relaxing vibe for any kitchen. Consider either gray or beige cabinets and gray or beige accents for counters, flooring, or paint on the wall.

Warmer Selections

If gray is too formal for you, consider wood. Wood kitchen cabinets, floors, and tables will bring a certain warmth to your kitchen that no other material can. If you think wood variations can't be mixed, think again. Just be sure to add other materials, such as stainless steel, glass, or stone to the mix as well to shake things up.

Navy Blue

Well placed accents of navy blue along the edges and base of kitchen cabinets, while contrasting with white can create a lasting impact in your kitchen. Like black and gray, it is a neutral shade that accent and melds well with any style.

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