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3 Creative Examples Of Kitchen Makeovers

February 13th, 2017 5:12pm

If you think Kitchen makeovers are all about knocking down walls - think again! In many cases it can be rearranging how you have cabinets placed for better functionality, adding space-saving pantries tucked away into corners, adding some new flooring, an updated backsplash or even adding a kitchen island. Whether you're ready to go all in or just want to make a few decent changes to the look and function of your kitchen, here are a few detailed Kitchen makeovers for you to consider.

From Bland To Chic

Chances are if you've moved into a home that was already pre-owned you aren't going to love everything in the kitchen. What can a kitchen makeover do for you when you have an outdated kitchen?

Older Kitchen: Old cabinets, yellow paint, old appliances, old vinyl flooring, small space. To say this is a bland kitchen is a major understatement.

New Kitchen: Add white or a neutral paint to the walls and add kitchen cabinets in either a painted white or a darker wood for contrast. Why not create a feature wall and a backsplash using white or greyish white subway tile. Adding an L shaped wood top island will help save space and become streamlined with the rest of the counters in the kitchen.

From Damp and Dark to Clean and Bright

Many people prefer older homes because it's cheaper than buying or building a brand new one. Plus, they are likely to prefer the durability of an older home or the overall character or roominess.

Then, there may be that kitchen that just doesn't fit in.

Old Kitchen: Picture this. A faded green backsplash, 1980's cabinets that have absolutely no character, chipped tile floors, and very old appliances. Sounds like a nightmare?

New Kitchen: Let's go with a clean, modern look that makes the kitchen brighter. This can be done with some white paint on the walls for a start. Add some extra character by putting penny tiles along the walls and the backsplash. Put in a new granite or quartz counter, brand new white kitchen cabinets with some flair and a brand new luxury vinyl floor! Add in a few extras such as a built-in shelf for wine, a new stainless steel faucet, and a pot rack. This will look like a completely different kitchen!

From Country To Modern

People also do Kitchen makeovers because they either moved into a home that has a "style" that does not fit their own or they change their mind in a few years and want something different!

Old Kitchen: When you think of a country style kitchen you might think of wood. Lots and lots of wood. Not the pretty kind either. Add in some tacky wallpaper, a mismatched floor, and some clutter - and you have a kitchen that chances are you will grow out of quickly.

New Kitchen: Mixing classic country style with modern materials such as glass, stone, and stainless steel doesn't particularly deal with a lot of wood materials. Add oak wood plank flooring, painted cabinets with simple stainless steel pulls, and a pure white quartz counter. Add in a few other stainless steel features like a Wolf or Viking cooktop, a subzero fridge, a stainless steel vent above the cooktop and a stainless steel faucet. Add extra lighting to make the room brighter and more inviting.

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