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Let's partner to make your kitchen perfect.  Good Guys experts can guide you through the design and space planning process to maximize the footprint of your kitchen, or they can assist in a remodel of the space to make it right.  But sometimes a whole kitchen remodel is not even needed.  Rearranging how the kitchen cabinets are placed may offer better functionality.
As cabinetry a key element and focus of every kitchen, you will appreciate the diverse selection of colors and styles to choose from.  And that is just the face of them.  We have options such as pull out cabinets for optimizing the storage space to make your kitchen the modern marvel that can keep you organized and efficient.  

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Consultation

The In-Home Design Consultation

Step one is to meet with our designer to make a plan that provides you with the style and color you want, with features you desire with your budget in mind.  Our team will come out to measure your kitchen and the existing fixtures, and then they will prepare, draw and price plans for your new kitchen cabinets.

Showroom Meeting

Review of initial design and selections Good Guys made specifically for your project.  You will get a quote, and discuss any necessary changes.

Sign Off

Clients come back, make any final changes, sign off on cabinet drawings, and make the down payment, then we can order the cabinets.


Once cabinets arrive about 6-8 weeks after ordering, we then can install the cabinetry.

Whether you selected Modern finishes or Traditional, Kitchens By Good Guys uses only reputable cabinet manufacturers.



Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry for 2019:

  • Painted neutral cabinets are a rising trend, creating a timeless look that will be popular for years to come
  • 2019 has also seen a rise in cabinets free from ornate designs or complex hardware. 
  • A push toward modern and streamlined will likely continue
  • Another trend with some staying power is to have the lower cabinets stained darker than the upper cabinets, creating interest and contrast.
  • Accent islands are becoming huge. The island is now a statement piece with a pop of color
  • Open shelving is making a come-back with those who prefer minimalistic and clean look
  • Under cabinet lighting is back again. Improving functionality and appearance, this is a low-cost upgrade
  • Double Bowl Sinks are fading out. Farmhouse sinks and Single Bowl Undermount sinks are requested most often

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