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Custom Kitchen Cabinets - How The Design Process Works

September 11th, 2017 5:21pm

You've worked hard to get where you are and to own your own home. It only makes sense that you would want to make sure you can create a home that you can really love, appreciate, and enjoy. When it comes to custom kitchen cabinets you may be wondering what happens behind the scenes and what the process is like for buyers.

The Design Consultation

The first step to designing your custom kitchen cabinets is to sit down with the creators - more specifically the designer. This meeting will most likely take place at your home or their office. It starts with a few questions that will be asked by the designer that concerns:

The style you want
The color you want
Extra features like soft close hardware
Your budget

Not only is this a time for you, the buyer, to talk about what you want and don't want for your custom kitchen cabinets. It's also a time for the consultant to weigh in with suggestions and ideas. They may even ask you to look through a catalog of theirs that features the cabinets they have designed in the past, their profile on Houzz, or Idea books. These help you get a broader understanding of ALL the options available.

This also gives the designer a base idea as to where to start.

In-Home Measurements

The next step the designer or company will take is to measure all of your space. This includes all of the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen as well as the kitchen itself. With these measurements and the consultation plans from above, the designer will then begin to prepare, draw, and price.

Your Quote For Custom Cabinets

Next, you will sit down with the design - or receive a call and they will talk to you about the quote for the custom kitchen cabinets. Remember, these aren't cabinets you can just go and buy at Home Depot. These are custom cabinets with you, the buyer, in mind.

Final Cabinetry Drawings

Once you agree to the quote and possibly put down a deposit, your designer will then begin the designing process. Not only will they design your cabinets and include this in the drawings, but will also include appliances, plumbing, electrical outlets, and more. You will then have a chance to look at these drawings and once you agree to everything, they can start to manufacture your design into a reality.



Finally! The last step to your cabinets is having them installed by the company that designed them. For this process, you can ensure a smooth and seamless installation.

Can you just go out and buy pre-made cabinets? Of course!

But, custom kitchen cabinets allow you to make your dream a reality. If you want something super-specific, or you want certain features for your cabinets, custom cabinets are by far and wide the best option available to you.

When you're ready to add custom cabinets to your house, or for any other kitchen options, contact Kitchens by Good Guys in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas by calling 480.696.3524.


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