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Features To A Modern Stylish Kitchen

June 13th, 2016 5:17pm

If you ever thought about changing your old kitchen into a more modern kitchen one, you might be wondering where you should start or what the features of a more modern kitchen is. Here are a few ideas for your modern kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Appliances

If you want a modern kitchen, you definitely need modern appliances. You want your appliances to be both space-efficient with the sleek look of stainless steel. To make your kitchen even more seamless and streamlined, you can add appliance panels that match the cabinets.

Modern Counters

Modern countertops are both about aesthetics, durability, and easy care. Depending on your particular tastes, you may choose from quartz, porcelain, or even butcher block. What you won't see is small-format tile in big bold colors or marble with small veins of color throughout. Today's new countertop materials allow you to really finish the look of the modern style.

Streamlined Cabinets

In a lot of modern kitchens, you'll see that the cabinets touch the ceiling. This removes gaps and spaces which are major dust collectors. You'll also find that the cabinets and drawers are often accessorized with stainless steel or single colored glass knobs and pulls. Clutter is a no-no when it comes to modern, so everything has its place.


While decorative patterns and bold color is out, that doesn't mean your kitchen has to be boring. If you want to add some bold art to the walls, a statement light fixture or add a pop of color to your cabinets – then do it! Modern kitchens are the perfect style to have fun and play with colors and making a statement.

If you plan on an all-white kitchen, splashes of bold color will create an impact. You can also choose from a variety of gentler colors: tans, light blues, greys, and creams. When it comes to color in a modern kitchen, there is no wrong way and the possibilities to creativity are endless.

Modern Accessories

A modern kitchen is about functionality. This means you're going to be looking for functional design accessories that are suitable for a minimalist kitchen. They don't necessarily need to be futuristic, they just need to be easy to use. You need to be able to store them away so they aren't on the counters and they should be made from materials/colors that are modern-esque.

Large Format Backsplash

Medium to large kitchen tiles are a great way to add interest and style to your modern kitchen. They are also functional, as they keep water and food from splashing up on the walls and making a mess. This is one of the places you may decide to add a splash of color to.

When it comes to modern -- less is more. The style is streamlined and doesn't have a ton of intricate/decorative details in the cabinets or floors. While there may be a splash of color here or there, it stands on its own. You won't find geometric patterns or big bold busy colors all over the kitchen.

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