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Here Are 5 Of The Top Kitchen Styles For Your Home

July 10th, 2017 5:19pm

If you want to upgrade your old kitchen or you want to completely change its style, there are so many options available to you. They range from rustic to modern and traditional to cottage and everything else in between. Let's talk about the top 6 most popular styles.

Farmhouse Kitchens

Farmhouse kitchens have a very warm and cozy feel to them, while they still allow for both comfort and functionality. You'll see a lot of open shelving in a farmhouse kitchen, farmhouse sinks, shiplap, subway tile, classic flooring - usually wood, and instead of a kitchen island, you'll find a table right in the middle of this family style eat-in kitchen design.

Modern Kitchens

In a modern kitchen, it's all about functionality, sleekness, and creating a simple kitchen without a lot of frills. You'll find frameless kitchen cabinets, stone or wooden floors, no intricate ornamentation, and simple hardware accessories, such as chrome or glass drawer/cupboard knobs and pulleys.

Traditional Kitchens

Unlike a modern kitchen that doesn't have many decorative details, a traditional style does. In fact, a traditional kitchen is defined by its details. You'll find a lot of high arches, decorative moldings, raised cabinets, antique looks, and wood. Lots of wood. From counters to cabinets to floors. The cool thing about traditional styles is that you can still feel free to add your own personal touches without feeling like you're going over the traditional line.

Cottage Styles

The Cottage style is all about relaxation, coziness, and remaining unpretentious. They are simple “Hygge” style kitchens which tend to be on the smaller side, but evoke feelings of carefree living. You'll find softer colors being used, vintage hardware, a few colorful accents along the way, and wood floors, preferably reclaimed. Maybe the wood used was once part of a barn door or some other structure. It's not perfect, but it has its own history. That's what makes it perfect for a cottage style kitchen!

Eclectic Styles

If you, like many other people, like different aspects of ALL the kitchens listed here, and you can't choose what style to create, an eclectic kitchen might be perfect for you. It essentially takes different aspects from different styles and mashes it all together to form a distinct kitchen style!

We're talking a hunter green kitchen island, with reclaimed wood floors, with brand new decorative white cabinets with stainless steel knobs - and add a flower patterned wallpaper as a focal point wall. It sounds weird as a description, but seeing it makes all the difference.

If you're still on the fence about what style you like, look around. Grab as many magazines as you can, look through idea books, check out websites, even visit a few Open Houses, and really get a feel for what each style can bring to your kitchen.

If you've decided on what style you want for your space, it’s now time to hire a kitchen designer to put everything together. Contact Kitchens By Good Guys for the next step in creating your stylish space or call at 480.696.3524.


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