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How Space Planning Helps Homeowners

August 15th, 2016 5:04pm

Many homeowners may not even know what space planning is, or worse, they aren't using it to their full advantage. If you've owned your home for awhile, but plan to sell in the future – or you just want to enjoy your home to its fullest extent, then you need to use space planning.

Separating Residential Zones With Space Planning

If you look at a home, you should see separate residential zones. These 3 zones include:

The Public Zone: The public zone consists of rooms or spaces in your home which are made available to not only everyone that lives in the home, but also your visitors. These rooms include the living room, dining room, kitchen and places like the powder-room.

The Private Zone: On the other hand, private zones are places that are usually only designated for the homeowner and their family. These rooms consist of the bedrooms, den/library, master bathrooms, etc. However, if you have a guest bedroom and bathroom, these can also be considered private zones.

The Work Zone: While not every homeowner has an extensive work zone, they will at least have an office or an area where they do minimal work such as filling out bills. If you do work from home you would have a more extensive work zone.

All of your zones will need to be planned out accordingly and will need to be separated from each other. Chances are when you begin a project with a space planner, not only are they going to ask about the home and what type of lifestyle you have, but also what you plan on using each room for. Specifically when it comes to public zones. For instance, if you do a lot of entertaining or cooking, you might need a different plan than someone who does not.

Space Planning Helps Optimize Circulation

When you hire someone to do space planning for you, not only are you going to be working within each of these zones, but will also use these to make the home more efficient and improve or optimize circulation. A well-crafted space allows you and your family to create short, efficient and direct pathways from one space to the next. Surely you've seen homes where this practicality is gone. It doesn't become a home anymore, it's more or less a maze of confused pathways. Creating a home that has proper movement and circulation in turn results in comfort for you and your family.

For example, axial arrangements not only help with functionality and efficiency, but they can also change how your design works too.

Well Organized

While space planning can help you create different zones in your house that are meant for different activities, it can also help create a more efficient space, and help keep the home more organized and functional.

Hiring a space planner means you will have someone who has the experience in space planning and knows all about how to sketch out ideas, how to create paths of travel, different organization options available, and more.


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