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Luxury Kitchen Remodel Ideas For Your Home

September 10th, 2018 5:34pm

Luxury kitchens tend to fall under 3 styles: traditional, contemporary and transitional. Each one has its own appeal, but whichever style you choose, there are a few elements that take the room from standard to luxe. Here at Kitchens by Good Guys, we turn beautiful ideas into a practical reality. Here are a few insights that could help you develop your plans for a new luxury kitchen remodel.

Common Luxury Features

Any good design will thoughtfully combine form and function. This is never more true than in a kitchen, where "luxury" is often defined by certain functional tools and setups that make it easier to prepare food, spend time together as a family, and entertain. Here are a few elements that have come to be expected from luxury kitchens:

Double Ovens

If you love to cook or bake and you are planning on a luxury kitchen remodel, double ovens are a great place to start. They not only provide a ton of room to cook in--perfect for family dinners and entertaining--but they can be used for 2 different "cooking" methods, i.e. baking on the top, warming on the bottom.

An Island Cooktop

An island cooktop is another cool option for a luxury kitchen remodel. It allows you more room to cook and if the island is big enough, you can also place some extra features below the island such as a warming drawer.

Commercial Style Ranges

A commercial style range is going to be up to par with what a professional restaurant would use. These come in different brands, but they all have these elements in common: they are more durable, cook faster, and they look pretty cool too. This is one of the most common features of a luxury kitchen remodel.

Coffee Bar

Anyone can have a coffee pot on the counter, but if you want to take it a step further you can create a built-in alcove for a coffee bar. It can include a microwave just for that area, a small fridge below the counter, room for coffee cups and condiments and a coffee pot.

Glass Cabinets

Glass cabinet doors are both visually appealing and functional. These work just like regular cabinets, but the front facing cabinet is see-through - and made with panes of wood and glass.

Built-In Upgraded Fridges

A built-in fridge gives you more floor space and makes the kitchen look more uniform and integrated. One of the more common options is to get a commercial style or sub-zero fridge. These are stainless steel with spacious interiors.

Luxury Flooring

If you want to go cheap, you use porcelain tiles. If you're building a custom luxury kitchen, then you use luxury materials. Some good ideas for flooring include:

Wood: Everything from plank style to reclaimed woods are going to be good for kitchen flooring. Luxury laminate wood planks work really well too and they look just like real wood - with even more custom options.

Natural Stone: Both granite and marble look really good on the kitchen floor. If you find that these materials are tough on your feet, just put down some memory foam mats near the kitchen sink and counter.

Vinyl Flooring: This isn't the vinyl flooring you might be used to. This is luxury vinyl--it's made completely different, using different materials than traditional vinyl and it can be completely customized. There are even options where it can be manufactured to look just like different kinds of wood.

If you're interested in creating your very own luxury kitchen remodel, contact Kitchens By Good Guys for more information.


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