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Small Kitchen Ideas: Design & Storage

April 16th, 2018 5:28pm

Despite what home design shows and magazines might lead you to believe, not every homeowner wants a massive kitchen. Whether your kitchen is small by choice or necessity, a space-efficient design plan is important when you make upgrades or design changes. These small kitchen ideas can help your space feel bigger, brighter and cleaner.


Adding A Mirrored Backsplash

Mirrored surfaces often go overlooked in kitchen design, but incorporating them into your backsplash is one of the most effective small kitchen ideas. By reflecting the image of the room, a mirrored wall surface makes it appear much more expansive. You don't need to opt for a full-blown mirror to get this effect, either -- any light-reflecting, shiny surface will make your kitchen appear larger.


Wall Storage For Utensils

A small kitchen usually means a small counter, and you don't want to create clutter with utensil containers, knife holders, or spoon rests. Placing a hook system or magnetic knife holder on the wall under your cabinets will free up your counter space.


Unique Counter Storage Ideas

One space-saving small kitchen idea involves getting creative with your storage solutions. For example, the typical island doesn't offer a lot of storage, but a custom-made one can add storage spaces like shelves and cabinets that can store cookbooks, dishes, and other kitchen needs.


Pot Racks

Along with keeping an uncluttered countertop, maximizing cabinet storage is another point of concern for homeowners with small kitchens. Hanging pot racks are attached to the ceiling and offer hooks to hang your pots and pans from, to keep them from taking over limited cabinet space. Not only are they space-efficient, but they can be a nice aesthetic touch, as they come in many sizes, designs, and materials, including stainless steel and wood.


Pull Out Cabinets

Pull out cabinets allow you to maximize space by creating deep storage shelves in narrow spaces beneath your countertops. You can also add pull-out countertops to your existing counters or island to create extra space to prepare food.


Drop Down Table

A design staple of the 1970s, drop-down tables are making a comeback as one of the best small kitchen ideas. These tables are attached to a latch system, and they can be folded into a wall pocket when not in use -- but they're still easy to pull down when you need extra seating.


Lighten Up!

One of the most basic small kitchen ideas is to use lighter colors in your design. They will not only make your room look brighter and cleaner, but also create the impression of a much larger and more open space. Whites, light grays, and creams are an easy way to make your small kitchen feel spacious, as are lighter-toned colors.


If you're interested in learning about small kitchen ideas that may suit your space, contact Kitchens By Good Guys for more information.


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