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Trends In Kitchen Cabinetry For 2018

May 14th, 2018 5:08pm

These days kitchen cabinets are not just for storage. They have always been an integral part of your kitchen's design and overall look. While kitchen cabinets haven't really changed too much over the years, there are other elements that have evolved. Here are a few of the cabinet trends for 2018 in terms of design that you'll want to consider.

Color Customization For Cabinets

If you're one of many who isn't satisfied with cookie cutter homes or kitchens, you're going to like this one! Color is one of the easiest and most effective ways to change the way a cabinet looks. A different color than all of the kitchens out there can make a definite impact. Manufacturers are taking notice of this trend too because more and more this year you'll see a lot of companies offering either pre-painted cabinets or giving you the option to choose the colors you want.

Clean Aesthetics and Modern Design

There are, of course, about one or two dozen kinds of designs for cabinets. Not only in terms of decorating style (modern, traditional, contemporary, etc) but also variations on the actual designs of the cabinets; scrollwork, wood engraving, ornate designs, etc.

In 2018, you will see more modern cabinets and more cabinets that are free of ornate designs and complex hardware.

Multiple Wood Finishes In One Space

Technology now allows us to create endless cabinet finish colors. One of the newer trends in 2018 stains the upper cabinets in a dark wood stain and the lower cabinets in a lighter stain or visa versa. Another popular trend is going to be dark wood flooring. This especially looks elegant, yet cozy when the dark flooring is contrasted with lighter cabinets.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is nothing new. It's been around for years and has become a trend for the past few years. But, not everyone likes every cabinet to be open. Instead, you can choose that some cabinets will have open shelving to showcase certain items or dinnerware and choose to have other cabinets to have enclosed traditional cabinet spaces.

Double Bowl Sinks Are Out!

For a long while, double bowl sinks were all the rage, but in 2018, a new trend is coming around: large single bowl sinks. Now you probably think of apron sinks right off the bat, but if that's not really your style, no problem. You may also want to consider:

  • Farmhouse Sinks
  • Single Bowl Undermount Sinks

Farmhouse sinks work like apron sinks, but they have a different look to them. Mainly they don't have the apron at the front of the sink. On the other hand, single bowl undermounted sinks go under the lip of the counter and can be pretty wide and deep. Some of these even have a prep-sink on either side so that more than 1 person can work in the kitchen at once.

Under Cabinet Lighting - LED

LED lighting is back again! LED lights under the cabinets not only helps add lighting to your kitchen prepping and cooking activities in the kitchen. but, under cabinet lights can also add ambiance to the kitchen, be used as a nightlight when the kitchen is closed down for the night, and can add a lot of appeal to your cabinets - making them the focal point of the space.

While cabinetry continues to go through changes - and most likely always will, these changes above will help you jump into 2018 with a splash. Just remember that it's your kitchen, if you like something not listed above or you want to tweak something - do it!

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