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Upgrading Your Kitchen Decor During Your Redesign

July 16th, 2018 12:00am

A renovation project provides an unparalleled opportunity to upgrade your home's aesthetics -- especially for a kitchen renovation. While many homeowners avoid making changes to kitchen decor because they don't want to disrupt the functionality of their space, a remodel gives you an opening to make all those updates you've been putting off. Here are some new trends to keep in mind as you upgrade your kitchen decor:

Mixing and Matching Colors and Materials

Monochromatic color and texture schemes had a long reign in kitchen design, but this trend seems is giving way to more eclectic, creative kitchen decor choices. Many designers recommend a scheme that incorporates two to four colors to create visual interest and exciting self-expression.

High-Contrast Granite

While granite has many functional benefits, most homeowners who fall in love with it do so because of how it looks. If you want your surfaces to add an innovative touch to your kitchen decor, consider high-contrast granite. Eye-catching color combinations offer a fun, contemporary look while still providing the timelessness of granite.

Warmth Wood Counters

If you prefer a rustic, cozy look, high-contrast granite might not be your speed -- but wood counters create a warm, laid-back feel that stone surfaces often lack. For those homeowners who end up doing most of their entertaining in the kitchen -- whether by design or by accident -- these counters create a space where any guest can feel at home. With a wide range of style and stain options, there is a wood countertop that can suit any aesthetic.

Heavy Metal Is In!

No, we're not talking about the hair bands of the 80s -- we're talking about sleek and sturdy metallic kitchen decor. This trend can encompass a touch as minor as a steel drawer knob to an element as dramatic as a copper sheeting hood, backsplash tiles, or your plumbing fixtures.

Custom Backsplash Murals

While murals have been an accent wall staple for decades, custom backsplash murals are changing the kitchen decor game. With these custom designs painted onto a slab, you can incorporate any image you'd like to center in your kitchen. Wall stickers make for a low-commitment, budget-friendly alternative to this trend, but hand-painted options allow more personalization and longevity.

Pecky Cypress Finishes

If you love reclaimed wood, this is the trend for you. Pecky cypress has a very grainy texture - and it's all natural. It's also versatile, and can be used on your kitchen hood, island, your cabinets and more. While its softness makes it a poor option for flooring, Pecky cypress finishes create a striking rustic look in any kitchen, especially when contrasted with more modern design elements or paired with other wood materials like walnut, pine, mahogany, and birch.

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