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What are the Key Elements to a Luxury Kitchen?

January 9th, 2019 12:00am

A luxury kitchen combines the best brands, leading technology, and top of the line appliances. But there are other important elements to consider when designing and creating a luxury kitchen, including:


Space Planning / Space Design

If you're investing money into a luxury kitchen, you want it to not only look good but function perfectly. Hiring a space planner will help you configure where you should put everything so that your luxury kitchen space will flow properly, provide enough room to cook and store items, and allow you ample room to entertain friends and family. If you love to cook or you you host a lot of dinner parties, hiring a space planner will be a particularly big benefit to your luxury kitchen design process.


Material Selections

A luxury kitchen won't have Formica counters or vinyl flooring -- instead, it will flaunt luxurious features like wood or large-format porcelain flooring; granite, quartz, or marble countertops; and glass backsplashes. Visiting showrooms will allow you to see all your options for materials, colors, styles, and textures before making a final decision on your luxury kitchen.

However, don't forget to make sure your choices function as beautifully as they look. Do your homework on the pros and cons of each material before you commit. For example, granite is one of the trendiest and most loved counter materials. It's beautiful, it's easy to take care of, it comes in many beautiful tones and colors. However, granite countertops also need to be sealed. In comparison, soapstone requires no sealing and offers similar style, ease of care, and variety of color.


Energy Efficient Kitchens

Appliances are not the only area in which you can improve your luxury kitchen's energy efficiency. High-quality HVAC, heating, insulation, lighting, and water systems can all improve the energy efficiency of your luxury kitchen. While their upfront costs may be higher, you will save money on your utility bills over time -- and these systems are far better for the environment.


High-End Appliances

When you enter a luxury kitchen, you'll see a lot of high-end appliances from brands that restaurants and homeowners rely on for a lifetime of quality performance. Some of the best high-end brands to consider while planning your luxury kitchen are:

  • Subzero and Thermador for fridges
  • Wolf and Viking for ovens, stoves, and ranges
  • Gaggenau for vent hoods
  • Miele for dishwashers

Each of these brands has decades of experience meeting the high expectations of restaurants and homeowners alike. They use the highest quality materials and offer more generous warranties than standard household brands.


Architectural Details

To create cohesive home design, you can incorporate architectural details from other parts of the home into your luxury kitchen -- and you can even bring ideas from outside your home into your kitchen.

For example, if you have a lot of wooded areas, trees, and rock formations, you might consider a focal wall in your luxury kitchen inspired by the colored stones that you see outside: soothing tans, earthy browns, and rustic reds. If you decide to have an island in the middle of your luxury kitchen, you might use a darker material to mimic the contrasts found in nature instead of using glass or a lighter wood. You can also create a view of a beautiful outdoor area near your kitchen by adding a large window or sliding door.


If you need a remodeling company to help you with space planning, design, or construction for your luxury kitchen, contact Kitchens by Good Guys for more information.


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