Falcon Circle

Location: Rio Verde
Style: Modern

Up in Rio Verde, our clients wanted to completely remodel their retirement home to their modern taste. 

The home was a very outdated Southwest style with Aztec architectural elements, and it was time for a transformation to the beautiful modern style you see now. 

We ripped out all the flooring throughout, squared off and removed a lot of the Aztec styled elements in the home, redesigned the fireplace and opened up the kitchen. In the kitchen, we opened up a wall that made the kitchen feel very closed in, allowing us room to make a more linear and open kitchen. Opening up the kitchen and its new layout allowed us to create a large accent island that is truly a statement piece. Our clients hand selected every finish you see, including the rare quartzite that has beautiful pops of purple and waterfall edges. To create some contrast, the island has a pretty neutral taupe acrylic cabinetry and the perimeter has textured laminate cabinets with a fun white geometric backsplash. Our clients use their TV in their kitchen, so we created a custom built in just for their TV on the backwall. For the fireplace to now match the homes new style, we reshaped it to have sleek lines and had custom metal pieces acid washed for the center with stacked stone on the sides for texture. 



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