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San Bernardo - Transitional, a remodel by Good Guys.

Location: Scottsdale
Style: Transitional

At our San Bernardo project in Scottsdale, we remodeled the kitchen, laundry room, and main living area. We also replaced the flooring throughout to create a cohesive feel. The space feels completely different with the white perimeter cabinets & fun blue island!

This kitchen was previously half the size, with the laundry room taking up most of the space. We pushed this area into a different room added cabinets above the washer & dryer. For additional storage, we used a tall broom cabinet for items such as the vacuum, cleaning supplies, and laundry detergent. This room is off the garage, so it was important for there to be easy access to the kitchen for bringing in groceries.

After moving the laundry room, we took advantage of the new larger space with an island that has lots of storage and seating for three. Opposite to the island we have the range and microwave conveniently located next to the corner lemans unit. This smart storage feature takes advantage of the blind corner that is usually hard to access. It’s a great place to store pots & pans!

On the window wall, we used a farmhouse composite sink, a pull-out trash, & full height door – perfect for organizing sheet pans & cutting boards. We located the refrigerator on the far-right wall & flanked it with two large pantry cabinets. These have rollouts for easy access to everything. Next, we have the bar area. This is a fun space that continues the subway herringbone backsplash we have throughout the rest of the kitchen. The tile has a slight variation in color between pieces which helps to create a warm, handcrafted look. Our client requested we include a beverage fridge in this space for easy access when making drinks. We also added glass & lighting to these upper cabinets to showcase decorative glassware and bottles.

To connect the kitchen to the living & dining room, we created a cutout in the wall across from the island. This gave us the opportunity to add more storage and additional seating. It’s the perfect place for a cup of coffee or to set up appetizers for guests!

For contrast throughout the space, we incorporated touches of black. The hardware on the white shaker cabinets are black, as well as the plumbing fixtures and island pendants. Our client was also looking for a pop of color, so we selected an accent island. This blue stain compliments the veining in the quartz countertops which have a slight blue tint. For added interest, we used gold hardware on the island. To tie it all together, our client selected a large format stone look tile that goes throughout the entire home.

In finishing this space, we did a few additional projects to make everything come together. Although we weren’t able to completely remove the wall between the dining room and den, we did pull it back so the two spaces can share light. We also added a row of tall cabinets to the bedroom hallway. Previously, there was only one small cabinet in this hallway, but we were able to double the storage here by adding more cabinets.

            Our San Bernardo project had a huge transformation. From expanding the kitchen, moving the laundry room, and replacing all the flooring, this home is almost unrecognizable!

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